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Clients Reviews



Art Restoration

  • New River Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale - FL.

  • Ascanio Art Gallery, Miami - FL.

  • Ascaso Art Gallery, Miami - FL.

  • Steward Art Gallery, Boca Ratón, FL.

  • Kroma Art Gallery, Miami - FL.

  • Canvassed Art Gallery, Miami - FL.

  • Diego Victoria Art Gallery, Miami - FL.

  • Opera Gallery, NYC - NY.

  • Jadite Galleries, NYC - NY.

  • Gallery Nine 5, NYC - NY.



Decorative Painting

  • Mimi Pinney, Miami - FL.

  • John Tiedemann Inc. North Arlington- NJ.

  • Caruso Paintings NYC - NY

  • Evergreene Architectual Arts NYC - NY.

  • Jeff Hoffman, Ridgefield Park, NJ.

  • Lucas Skozck, Ridgewood - NY.

  • 60 Gramercy Park Building NYC - NY.

  • Felix Chavez NYC - NY.

Lisa Burgess

New River Fine Art

Ethical fine art restoration requires exceptional technical expertise and a deep understanding of art history. Susanna Falconi understands the difference between helping a work of art age gracefully and over-restoring. I’ve relied on her professional expertise for years and would not hesitate to recommend her services to my clients.

Liat Weichselbaum

Assistant Director

Opera Gallery
New York

Susana Falconí worked as the Art Restorer for Opera Gallery of New York from May 2003 through September 2013. During her time with the gallery, Susana was asked to repair and restore various mediums of art, including canvases, sculptures, frames and installations. Without exception, she completed every task given to her with excellence, confidence and proficiency. She never turned down any job which we put forth and she worked diligently to make sure her work exemplified perfection and professionalism.


In the 10 years that I have worked with Susana, she has been nothing but a joy to work with. She has proven to be very knowledgeable in her field and current on the latest techniques. She is constantly researching and taking Master courses in new techniques of art restoration and it shows through her ever increasing talent. She brought her newfound knowledge to different restoration jobs at the gallery and completed each task successfully.


I was so happy with Susana’s work, that I’ve recommended her to past clients and other galleries who needed assistance with their personal restoration and repairs. In return, I have received glowing accolades from the respective client as to her work. Susana has proven to be a pro-active, smart, professional, well-learned and knowledgeable asset to the gallery. I would whole-heartedly recommend her services. I wish her much luck and success in her future endeavors. She will always have an open invitation at Opera Gallery of New York. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further reference.

Raymond Ginther

"We suffered smoke and water damage when an apartment on our floor experienced a fire. The gallery where I purchase several of the paintings recommended Ms. Falconi for the cleaning and restoration. She did a thorough and meticulous job. She not only cleaned the paintings but restored any imperfections that had occurred due to age. They were as good as new. It took longer than she estimated and came back for additional visits to make sure the job was completed properly. She was very good at explaining the process of what she was doing and why. Just seeing her artwork you can sense her attention to detail. Attention to detail may be the most important attribute of a restorer. I would use her for restoration services at any time."


Peter Lasher

Ms. Susana Falconi restored two paintings for me. The first was a landscape which was badly scratched and damaged. She restored it back to its original condition and beauty. She did a wonderful job. The second was a antique Hudson River landscape painting which needed cleaning and restoration very badly. She cleaned it up and restored it beautifully. I was very happy with her work and will use her again. I have already recommended her and will continue to highly recommend her to anyone.

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